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So, i call Movado to purchase 2 half links for my watch. I was told they were in stock and would yake about 5 to 7 days to receive. After waiting a week the box finalky arrives. Im so excited because ive been dying to wear my watch. I ooen the box and to my surprise...theres onle one link. Im i call Movado and was t9ld that the other link was on back order and id have to wait another week for it to come. It would have been nice if... Read more

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I am writing to say I am extremely dissatisfied with the customer service at Movado. I called and placed an order over the phone because I wanted the custom engraving. It's been nothing but a hassle since. The time frame for the order I was told was inaccurate. The watch was delivered and just left on a front porch where it could have been stolen. The note I asked to be placed in the order was not. Now because of an incompetent billing... Read more

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Movado - New strap repair
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I sent my watch to Swisco as recommended by Movdo, they looked over the watch and said it need anew movement and it was dented and scratched and the total cost of repair was £350, the actual cost of the watch !!!! I told them I only wanted the strap replaced and they charged me £160 !!!! When the watch was returned it was not working and they said it was because I didn't want a replacement movement, just the strap, the watch had been worn half a... Read more

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Hi this is asma khan I buy Movado watch in the month of April and there is lots of scratch appeared on the glass when I talk with person who work with Movado company his attitude was very rude and bad This is my last mistake that I bought 600$ watch Such a waste Read more

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The worst customer service I have ever come across.

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I stop by at the Ellenton Outlet mall this weekend, I was promised if I don't like the watches simply just bring it back and they will refund the money, big mistake, so I brought it back the next day , and the salesperson immediately told me all sell are final, no refund and couldn't even find a time to explain and simply ask me to leave and told me if I have issue just call the HQ toll free number. What kind of service is this? where is the... Read more

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A Movado is a Movado no matter where it is purchased. There are a lot of counterfeits but usually easy to tell. I have done a lot of watches in the last 40 years and I can tell you that factory service will ALWAYS try to get the watch back to original condition no matter what the customer wants. If you send it in for a new crystal you can bet your boots you will get more than a new crystal. All watch companies do this. Factory service is not... Read more

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Purchased mine about 3 years ago. It was the nicest looking watch I ever owned. I found the crystal scratches very easily. When the watched stopped running, I thought it was time to have the battery replaced. I sent it to Movado to have the crystal replaced and the battery changed. They sent me an estimate for over $300. They said the case needed to be replaced along with the watch face. They said the battery was fine the mechanism was damaged.... Read more

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My wife's Movado Watch band's pin broke. We took it to two jewlers who said that they could not put a new pin in it. The watch and its case was fine. They said only Movado could put a new pin in it. We called them and they told us to go to Kay's Jewlers. We did they said no problem for $35 they would send it to Movado. A month later they said that it would cost $351 to clean the watch, fix the stem and who knows what. They claim that the case is... Read more

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All these Movado complaints! I have three Movados that I've had for many years--all ladies models (a Museum, a gold plated bracelet with black pearl face and crystal bezel, and a very expensive solid 14kt gold bracelet/case with mother of pearl face and diamond bezel). I've had no trouble with any of them ever, including replacing the batteries, which seem to last a very long time. The most remarkable thing is I forgot I had the Museum watch... Read more

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